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Wesley Edgerton

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Officially, I'm known as Wesley Raymond Charles Edgerton but to all of you reading this, Wez is perfectly fine as we're all friends here. Originally I grew up in the Maitland area of New South Wales but over the years I have moved all over the Hunter Valley finally settling around the Newcastle area. The music I enjoy playing and mixing is varied far and wide and I am always trying new and inventive ways to cross mix genres and break boundaries. Specializing in Hard Rock, Rap and Pop with mixing. I have teamed up with Bella Dose Music in creating a creative space for creative people from all walks of life and all sides of creative industries.


What started as some mucking around for a few friends quickly turned into pursuing that interest through tertiary education and reading more blogs, books and magazines then you can count. Over the years I have gained experience in mixing live acts as well as some small time studio projects. Providing mixes and masters as well as producing several local acts including Annie Eve, Boycott, Lens Theory, with plenty more coming in and out like wildfires. I am forever learning and experimenting with new and inventive ways to break barriers with mixing.

Working in the music industry for multiple years under the guidance of multiple local industry leaders. I have developed long term industry experience in a short time in Audio Engineering (Live & Studio), Video Editing and Shooting (Live & Studio) as well as photography. An accomplished professional musician writing songs for multiple acts as well as producing my own music and video products.

In the Live scene I have had the pleasure of working with and providing Front of House and Stage Monitor mixes for many fantastic industry legends including: Dai Pritchard (Rose Tattoo), Kevin Borich, Phil Emmanuel, Mal Eastick, Grant Whalmsley (Screaming Jets), Tim Rogers (You Am I), The Porkers, Radio Moscow, Spy V Spy, Z-Star, Hurricane Fall, as well as a vast plethora of the very finest acts in Newcastle and the surrounds.

Currently writing and mixing for multiple acts including my own secret projects and some others I can't talk about just yet. Make sure you contact Bella Dose Music or drop in and say hi. Check out the creative space we have created here for everyone and just come and get creative with us.

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