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Welcome to Bella Dose Music

I’d like to make this 1st blog about the reality of our background and the honest environment we work in.

Bella Dose Music started as my music business name 8 years ago. A self employed amateur musician that was entering a midlife crisis (if that’s what they call it). I’ve played in bands since I was 16. I changed my career from a flooring contractor to spending 12 months at TAFE then 3 1/2 years at UNI completing a Bachelor of Music at the Newcastle Conservatorium of Music. A double major in Songwriting and Creative Industries (Music Business). Songwriting, touring with Whiskey Business, Festival promotions, acoustic solo gigs to put food on the table for my gorgeous family.

I‘m the happiest i’ve been in a hell of a long time. Why?

Dreams and Passion. To work in an industry you are passionate about, well, it doesn’t feel like work. Music makes me happy, working and collaborating with like minded people makes me smile. The excitement you get when you write a new song, sharing with mentors for critique, re-writing to try and make them better. Passing on information to others that want to better themselves, Networking in the entertainment industry, always learning from your peers, the ultimate rush of live performance, nailing that guitar solo, laughing at the poor note selection in the following song (i think they call it Jazz) lol….. Helping others create their song idea in the studio, listening to final mixes and smiling at the end product after the initial acoustic rendition that was bought to the table. The frustration of social media marketing, Building websites, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter….the list goes on. The digital age has bought us all so close together that we all can achieve happiness through Dreams and Passion.

It all makes me happy.

This and a new partnership with my talented son, Wes. A self taught musician, educating himself through social media platforms like YouTube, watching, learning, practising, wanting to be the best he can in a flooded world of 1’s and 0’s. A talented undiscovered musician in his own right, spending countless hours perfecting his live looping sets, 100’s of hours mixing songs to understand what works for him. It’s the same, Dreams and Passion.

Together we have officially launched “Bella Dose Music”. Recording Projects, Songwriting Mentoring , Music Business Mentoring.

Take Care


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