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Bella Dose Music 2021

Moving Forward

2020 is over, what a year it has been, but we made it through. Throughout there year of 2020 we managed to completely overhaul our studio at Bella Dose Music and made some big changes to how we approach the music industry and how we plan to cement our personal little pocket of the local music scene. Our plan here at Bella Dose Music in 2021 is to turn ourselves into a One Stop Shop for any music project, from songwriting and producing, to recording, mixing and mastering, we are moving towards including video, designs, photography, distribution, promotions and much more. This evolution of Bella Dose Music will not happen overnight, but it will be a simple and gradual evolution into what we want to become.


From 2020 to 2021

During the end of 2020 Bella Dose Music began to create projects for our staff to showcase what we are planning to move towards starting in 2021 we currently have a project featuring Lens Theory underway as well as Wesley’s Edge after years of writing knee deep into his debut album. Both projects will begin to showcase what Bella Dose Music can provide, for all our future projects moving forward. We are already working on a new project with some amazingly talented female musicians and we are excited for you to hear the final product.


Future Content

Moving forward with Bella Dose Music we plan to bring you new and exciting content in the form of absolutely anything we can think of in our creative crazy minds. New music from our own projects, new creativeness from other projects we work on and industry networking with 2 of our fellow industry peers, right here from our platform here at Bella Dose Music.

Cheers to everybody who has supported us through our journey so far, we are forever grateful of the support from you all and we plan to bring you the very best creative content that we can bring you.

Take care.

Lennie & Wez


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